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Welcome to TWO SPOONS! My name is Hannah and I started this blog to bring you plant-based recipes worth sharing. My recipes are intended for everyone to enjoy; whether you’re entirely plant-based, or looking for more plant-based recipes to incorporate into your diet. These recipes keep everyone in mind, from new cooks to vegan skeptics and vegan veterans.

A little about me?

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. And spent four years living abroad in France with my husband, Mitch.

I won’t lie, being plant-based in France was not always easy. In a country where cheese, charcuterie and foie gras is rooted in tradition, let’s just say explaining your plant-based lifestyle wasn’t always embraced by the foodie world in France. With that said, I learned so much about food in my time abroad. And I am eternity grateful for how the french lifestyle has enhanced my cooking. In France, a great deal of importance is considered for each meal, no matter how big or small. And I’m so thankful for the role it has played on my approach to eating, and the recipes I share on my blog.

But you might be wondering why I decided to go plant-based? It’s a long story, but I’ll try to keep it as short and simple as possible.

My plant-based journey started in my early 20s, when I lost my first boyfriend, and my first love, to cancer. It was a very stressful time in my life and I ended up developing IBS and a host of gut health problems. It was recommended by a few GI specialists to take pills for the rest of my life, to keep my digestion in check. Which I tried at first, but it felt so debilitating. After about a year of struggle I decided to search for another solution; turning to food for medicine. I cut out many foods including processed foods, dairy, gluten and refined sugars. It was really difficult at first because I didn’t know how to eat for this new lifestyle, but it taught me how to cook healthy and wholesome meals that allowed my body to heal, and eventually led me to the world of plant-based eating.

With this lifestyle change my stomach problems began to vanish, I suddenly had more energy, I could think clearer, and I was able to wean off the pills. Since then, I’ve introduced some foods back into my diet, like whole grains, but I’ve chosen to continue a plant-based lifestyle because of it’s benefits to health, humanity and the environment. After watching my body thrive on plants, and opening my eyes and ears to the silenced world of factory farming and its effects on our environment, plant-based eating has never seemed more right for me.

Why the name “TWO SPOONS”?

Because this blog offers plant-based recipes worth sharing! When you’re at a delicious restaurant, and the waiter brings you a gorgeous dessert, they always accompany it with an extra spoon. That’s because they know your sig. other, or your bestie will be pining for a bite. You won’t be alone in enjoying these recipes.

My hopes?

My hope is to inspire you to try my plant-based recipes, to experience how delicious this lifestyle can be, and to feel happy about what we put in our bodies. Whether you’re entirely plant-based, transitioning, or willing to do more. My hope is to support our efforts to make the world a little healthier, greener and more humane. If I can inspire even the littlest amount of change that’s a big win for me.

And, what I know for sure is that these plant-based recipes are worth sharing. Always best served, with two spoons.

Live and let live.

Hannah xx


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Joel Parks, CEO and Founder, bamboo bamboo

“We couldn’t recommend Two Spoons more highly! Hannah’s beautiful photographs and imaginative culinary creations are a perfect way to show off our own designs and draw real attention and genuine followers to our own brand. She is extremely professional and efficient to work with and is very engaging and responsive to all correspondence.”
Dan Black, Co Founder and Lead Designer, Black+Blum

“In one word, Hannah’s work is fresh. In many words, it’s vibrant, youthful, fun, healthy, and mouth-watering! Her photography and recipes have been a wonderful addition to some of our magazine issues and we’re happy to have her as a contributing writer. She goes that extra mile by adding gorgeous details to her food styling, like the vintage mug in her Gourmet Hot Chocolate recipe she made for our November/December issue. Hannah has been on time with her deadlines and delivers exactly what’s promised, with plenty of photos for our designer to choose from. Working with Hannah is a joy!”

Malory Speir, Editor of Simply Gluten Free magazine

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Emily Koch, Jord Watches

“Cela fait plusieurs mois que nous sommes partenaires avec Hannah.
Son univers et ses recettes sont entièrement en accord avec les valeurs que nous souhaitons transmettre avec nos produits. Hannah est très agréable, ses recettes sont véritablement bien réalisées et toujours en accord avec ce qu’elle défend. J’espère de tout coeur que les collaborations entre Quintesens et Twospoons se poursuivront encore longtemps!”

Claire Cohaut, Chargée de communication et web marketing, Quintesens