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20 vegan nourishing bowl recipes
20 Vegan Nourishing Bowl Recipes
It’s the new year! And you know what that means. It’s time to visualize our new year’s resolutions with 20/20 vision baby! And whether your vision is to go vegan, add more plants into your diet, or jump back on the healthy bandwagon, these Vegan Nourishing Bowl Recipes are going
store bought almond milk review
Best Store-Bought Almond Milk Review
In this post I’m sharing my review for the best store-bought almond milk brands to buy. I will discuss which almond milk brands are most versatile for using in cereals, smoothies, and for making delicious frothy coffee lattes. Almond milk is  a great alternative to traditional milk and can be
Vegan holiday recipes
25+ Vegan Holiday Recipes
It’s no surprise that I’ve been dropping festive holiday recipes to the blog like it’s going out of style. And frankly, with 5 days left to Xmas, it sort of is! So I’ve consolidated the very BEST vegan holiday recipes on Two Spoons to help you get organized for the big day.
7 easy and delicious oatmeal recipes that actually taste good
Looking for some delicious oatmeal recipes? Well, I’ve got you covered with 7 easy and delicious oatmeal recipes that actually taste GOOD! They are vegan and healthy, yet don’t compromise on taste. I often hear that oatmeal is boring and bland, but it couldn’t be further from the truth! However, if you’re simply cooking
3 easy gourmet toast recipes
Hiya friends, today I’m going to share 3 easy gourmet toast recipes to turn your toast from blasé to gourmet. These 3 easy gourmet toast recipes make for a delicious quick breakfast or snack. They use simple and minimal ingredients. However, when paired together these toasts are full of taste
before and after hair loss remedy
Female hair loss and shedding + remedies for control
female hair loss and shedding with tips for control. Easy simple steps you can add to your regiment to help grow back healthy strong hair.
Plant-Based Workout recipes! Pre- and Post- Workout
My go to plant-based workout recipes for morning and afternoon workouts. These recipes are vegan, gluten-fee, easy and totally delicious. Whether you’re vegan or not, you’re going to love adding these recipes to your daily diet.
TWO SPOONS 3-Day Cleanse
Say hello to my 3-Day Cleanse! The much anticipated cleanse is finally here! I did this cleanse a couple weeks back and posted the results on my Instagram stories. Many of you have asked for the recipes, so I thought I'd share them to the blog. I'm really glad you
SKINCARE: Tips for healthy glowing skin and my top cruelty-free skincare brands
Skincare tips. How to have healthy glowing skin. With what you put in your body and on your body. And recommendations for my favourite cruelty-free brands.
Vegan Guide to Paris – Where to eat in Paris
My favouirte vegan cafes/coffee shops in Paris for Vegans. They offer full vegan menus, or vegan options, and gluten-free options too.
How to make the ultimate fruit platter
The moral of the story here is that fresh fruit platters are quick, easy and are a big HIT when you're feeding large groups. They are easy to create and fun, so that you can breath easy before that next big gathering. And with a few not so common fruits,
Timeless Rose Gold Watch for Spring – JORD
Hi everyone! How good does it feel that Spring is finally here!? This weekend was the first signs of the warming season, and needless to say we didn’t need any further convincing to start our Spring cleaning. I know most of you are familiar with my Spring pantry clean out, and opting