Easy Weekday Breakfast Porridge Bowl

  • Hiya guys! Hope you’re having a fab start to the week. I thought I’d spend mine sharing with you the breakfast I’ve been eating ever since the weather cooled. An easy and delicious breakfast porridge bowl that takes less than 10 minutes to throw together.

    This breakfast recipe is creamy and dreamy! It’s a simple blend of oats and chia, cooked in oat milk (or almond milk), and topped with banana, frozen raspberries, coconut flakes and carob chips.

    I love this recipe because it truly is so warm, wholesome and comforting. Waking up to a bowl of this breaky is the gentle ease into the work day that we all need. It makes you feel comforted and cared for, before you head into your busy day. Plus, it gives you the sustenance you need to tackle your day head on. A bowl of porridge really does keep you full and satiated like nothing else. I like to pack mine with even more punch by adding a teaspoon of chia seeds. Not only does it add more protein and fibre,  but it helps to bind the porridge quicker together so you can be noshing in less than 10 minutes.

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    2 comments on “Easy Weekday Breakfast Porridge Bowl

    1. I’m so excited for porridge season! This looks delicious Hannah!

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