10-minute Miso Corn on the Cob

Say hello to this 10-minute Miso Corn on the Cob. This recipe is quick and simple. With just 6 ingredients and less than 10-minutes to make. It’s an easy side dish that takes corn to a whole new level of delish.

Corn on the cob is a popular household favourite – and for a reason! It’s sweet, crunchy, warm, and fun to eat right off the ear. But best of all, it takes minutes to make this tasty side dish FAST! Now, I’m sure you’ve got many memories sitting at the table with a big ear of corn, asking for the butter to lather and indulge. But instead of using butter (or vegan butter), why not jazz it up a bit?

The miso butter in this recipe is a wonderful spread for your corn, simple to make, and so gourmet! It’s a gorgeous combo, rich with flavour, and will wow your loved ones (with little effort to make – bonus!). And it’s vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. Get ready to be a-maize-d.

Miso corn on the cob


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