Harvest Kale Caesar Salad

Hi guys!

Today I’m sharing this Harvest Kale Caesar Salad with you! It’s a classic vegan kale caesar that every plant-based foodie needs in their back pocket. And perfect for those of you with upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations. I love to start every Thanksgiving with this crowd-pleasing kale caesar.

Caesar salad is truly a staple side. It’s one that I always make when hosting friends for dinner. It really has its place for all types of people. For my health-conscious girlfriends who love their greens, there is no word that makes our ears perk up better than “KALE!” But also, it pleases those non-salad fans who will only touch the stuff when it’s doused in a creamy caesar dressing. Two become one with this wondergood Harvest Kale Caesar Salad.

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