Holiday Spice Cake

Hiya guys! I have been so pumped to share this holiday spice cake with you. I think it’s my favourite baked treat to make during the holiday season. This is my second year making this cake and it’s just as decadent and tasty as I remember a year ago (yep, it stuck with me for that long). No doubt this spiced bread is going down in history!

This cake is wonderfully spiced using a French four spice blend; of ginger, cloves, nutmeg and pepper. Mixed with soaked apricots and cherries, and blended with demerara sugar and flours for beautifully baked holiday spice cake. It’s an indulgent classic cake recipe, using classic sugar and flour (not some kind of healthy alternative to the classic, like my typical recipes). But to that I say, tis the season! Because this cake is moist, decadent, and beyond worth the extra little indulgence! Sometimes we should have our cake and eat it to!

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