Instant Almond Milk: How to make Almond Milk in 30 Seconds

Hi Friends, here is a really quick and simple recipe to learn how to make INSTANT almond milk! Say whaaat? Yep, you heard that right. It takes only 30 seconds and 5 ingredients to make thick and creamy, lush homemade almond milk.


no soaking

and no straining

no special equipment

and no leftover almond pulp (i.e. no waste!)

Seems like our wishes really DO come true! This recipe is a great one when you’re too busy to make classic homemade almond milk. Or when you’ve just realized that you’re out of the store-bought stuff and there’s no way you’re changing out of your sweats to get to the grocery store.

You can use this instant almond milk recipe to make your foamy lattes, overnight oats, or use it however you enjoy your milk.

So, let me show you exactly how to make almond milk in 30 seconds.

instant almond milk in 30 seconds

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