Kale Pesto Puff Pastry

Hiya guys! I’m here to make your Monday a little more palatable with this Kale Pesto Puff Pastry. It’s a warm and savoury puff pastry that takes full advantage of comfort food. Now, let’s dive in and forget that it’s only Monday why don’t we?

This recipe is made using store-bought puff pastry and a homemade kale pesto. When most of us think of pesto we think of basil and pine nuts. But pesto can be quite versatile. Switching out the nuts and herbs can make for a delicious pesto, especially when you don’t have basil handy. In fact, I love using kale when basil is no longer in season. But choosing sturdy leafy greens like parsley, kale, or collard greens works well as a delicious pesto base in the colder months.

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