Stuffed Sweet Potato with White Bean and Guacamole

Stuffed Sweet Potato with White Bean and Guacamole! Healthy vegan comfort food coming at ya hot potato! It’s also gluten-free, and totally more-ish.

Serve these stuffed sweet potatoes as a main dish or side dish. They’d be perfect to prepare for a bbq, or for an easy mid-week meal. The ingredients are simple, and the prep is effortless.

stuffed sweet potatoes

Stuffed Sweet Potato with White Bean and Guacamole

This recipe is exactly as described, oven baked sweet potatoes stuffed with white beans and topped with guac. Pretty straight forward, right? There’s no fancy ingredients or tricky methods to perfecting this dish. Baked potatoes are a recipe staple for a reason: They’re easy comfort food.

The only way I’ve fancied up this recipe is opting-in for sweet potato instead of a white potato, and I got a tad creative with the toppings. Using white bean and easy guacamole, sprinkling with green onion and drizzling with my signature tahini sauce. More on that sauce to come.

Apart from baking the potato (which doesn’t take effort, but time), this recipe can be whipped together in a flash. It’s delicious hot out of the oven, but it’s still really good cold, making it an easy recipe for meal prep.

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