The Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Say hello to The Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes you’ll every try. I’m so proud of this one! This recipe is ultra creamy, buttery, light and fluffy, with deep roasted garlic, fried rosemary and thyme. Are you drooling yet?

With the holidays just around the corner, (and American Thanksgiivng even closer), I wanted to bring you an easy vegan mashed potato recipe that you can depend on to impress a crowd. And this my friends, is a winning dish. Vegan or not, these mashed potatoes are to die for! So whether you’re planning to host an entire Thanksgiving at chez-vous, or simply volunteering to bring a dish elsewhere, you’re going to want to share The Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes and make history this Holiday season.

Now, let me tell you exactly how to make The Best Vegan Mashed Potatoes.

the best vegan mashed potatoes

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