Vegan + Raw Chocolate Tarts with Coyo Filling

Hi guys,

Are you looking for an easy dessert recipe to hit the sweet spot this weekend? Say no more – I’ve got you covered with these easy Vegan and Raw Chocolate Tarts with Coyo Filling! This one will do juuust the trick.

This recipe is rich, decadent, sweet and tart all wrapped into one simple dessert. The base is a sweet almond cocoa mixture, filled with coconut yogurt and topped with lush figs, fresh mint and white currants.

I love this recipe because it really is so simple – there is no cook times to consider, or chopping and slicing (apart from those figs!). To make the crust you just need a mixing bowl and a spoon. The filling is made by mixing almond flour with cocoa powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup. I tried to keep the base as simple as possible, with pantry staples ingredients, so that you could make this dessert in a hot second.

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One comment on “Vegan + Raw Chocolate Tarts with Coyo Filling

  1. This looks delicious! Wondering if I could use one big tart form? will the base be too hard to cut?

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