Rainbow Veggie Sushi Donuts

They’re back! That’s right,  by popular demand I’m bringing back another Veggie Sushi Donuts recipe!

The only thing that differs from normal sushi to these veggie sushi donuts are its shape tbh. But doesn’t it make them all the more fun!? Like my fox gingerbread cookies, everyones loves a little play on shapes. So here are some fun sushi donuts for ya! The perfect feast for a dinner date night, picnic or get together with your girls. I love sushi donuts because they are light, refreshing and fun!

You might already know that I love to make sushi and rice paper rolls for date night – it’s such a fun activity to do with others. And although you might think that making your own sushi is a hefty task to leave to the chefs, it’s actually quite easy. The hardest part about making sushi is cutting up that veg into very thin slices. And for that I like to use my mandoline.

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