It’s the last day of the 7-Day Smoothie Bowl Challenge, and to wrap it all up we’re sharing this classic Feel Berry Good Smoothie Bowl. Because that’s the whole idea of this smoothie bowl challenge right? To feel good with healthy, wholesome, and easy-to-make breakfast bowls. This classic beauty bowl is blended together with feel good fruits like raspberries, banana and mango. Then topped with juicy kiwi and flaked coconut!

As we wrap up I just want to say that I had SUCH a blast sharing these smoothie recipes with you! A HUGE thanks goes to everyone who participated. It was a pleasure to see all of your beautiful creations, and your own individuality shine out from each bowl. A BIG virtual hug also goes for all those who liked and commented throughout. I’m so touched by all the love, enthusiasm and support, and truly appreciate it sooo much! And of course a big thanks to Food Bloggers of Canada for working with me to spread the love of smoothie bowls. They are doing amazing work for Canadian bloggers and it’s been an honour and privilege. I hope this challenge helped to start the day with healthy top of mind, and tasty too of course! After all, we know there are at least 7 ways to do it! Now go and enjoy this paradise in a bowl, because it’s Day-7 baby, and you deserve every perfect bite.

Get the recipe at Food Blogger of Canada.  Be sure hashtag #FBCigers  and  #FBCSmoothieChallenge for a chance to be featured!

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