The ultimate vegan chocolate mousse with candied nuts

  • Hi guys! Today I am sharing my ultimate vegan chocolate mousse recipe. It is a staple dessert recipe that we all need in our back pocket!

    This vegan chocolate mousse was one of the first vegan dessert recipes I ever shared on the blog, and one that I create time and again when I need a good old fashioned chocolate recipe to get my cocoa fix. It is such a winning recipe that I haven’t modified it at all since first sharing it. Why reinvent the wheel? This vegan chocolate mousse is proof that we don’t need to compromise on classic dessert favs when living a plant-based diet. Dairy or no-dairy, you can have your mousse and eat it too.

    I’d describe this chocolate mousse as the following: creamy, rich, light, smooth and decadent. A.k.a. everything one would hope for in a decadent chocolate dessert. So what’s the secret?  I hope you’re sitting down, my friends, because this might shock you…

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